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Last November 14, 2010, I registered for the Full Marathon at the Sundown Marathon website. This would be my official first full marathon. I started training for this run last February when I felt my legs were fully healed. I used the Smartcoach program to guide me with my training. I am grateful to my friends for running with me during my scheduled long runs. Joining fun runs helped a lot too.

On the big day...

    I decided to rest during the afternoon and took a short nap so that I won't feel sleepy during my marathon. I drank Starbucks doulbe espresso 2 hrs before the run too. Took a taxi and left the hotel by 8pm. When I arrived at the Changi Exhibition Centre there was a traffic jam. So I decided to get off the taxi and walk to the starting point. I was surprised that it was such a long walk- 2.5km! 

   I, then went to the baggage area to leave my bag and then had last min. stop at the toilet and also asked for a glow in the dark sticks. 


    The MC called our attention and let the elites (SUB4) go first near the starting point followed by the desired finish time of your choice. He mentioned that there are more than 10 countries that joined the race and around 11,000 runners registered for the run. I was surprised that Philippines ranked 3rd with 850 runners. 


   The gun start! Off they go the elites! Then after a min and 23 secs, off I go! I decided to follow 6.3-6.5/km on the first half. Took my first energy gel on the 8thkm. Running the first half felt like running in slow motion. On the 12km, We went inside the East Coast Park and the 2 lanes turned into 1. On a bad note, I didn't notice that my GU gels fell off my race no. belt. I had only one left and decided to take it after the U-turn point. I also had heart palpitations between 11-12km. I got worried and walked to tame my overbeating heart. The weather didn't help too since it was super humid. 


  I felt relieved after the U-turn point, although it was still a long way to go. I experienced again heart palpitations on the 22km. The weather became a little cooler and I decided to stop and stretch every 2km. I noticed that my body was chaffing when it would sting if i pour water over my neck. back and arms. It made the second half a little harder. I was happy to see that I was bit faster though during the marathon than my last LSD. Experienced another HP on the 33km as if it was scheduled (every 11kms). The clock was still 4 hrs when I reached 34km. 

 But my shins started to feel pain on the 36km so had to walk a lot. Good thing the volunteers and muscle pain ointments. Thirty minutes after 4 hrs 33mins I reached the 38km and decided to walk the next 2km since most of the runners beside me were walking too. I knew that a 5hr finish was impossible already. 

 5hrs on the clock, I reached 40km. I badly wanted to pee good thing there was a portable toilet! It totally saved me since my legs can't sprint to the finish line anymore. I decided to run the next km. and Run/Walk the last kilometer for a strong finish to the finish line!


 I was so happy when I crossed the finish line that I stood there for a while. I still can't believe I ran 42.2km. I,then, walked to the area where they were giving out our Finisher Shirt and Finisher Medal. I can't help but smile when the gave it to me.

Finisher shirt and medal

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mauha jud sa coach mudagan lagi. hehe.. congrats!! me next nsad! haha.