Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Guam International Marathon

 Last April 5, 2013, I flew via PAL to Guam for their first International Marathon. I was really looking forward for this trip since I've never been to Guam. The flight time was 3 hrs 2 mins from Manila. I arrived in Guam almost 2pm(Guam time). The family of my friend picked me up from the airport. My first photo was a Welcome tarp for the runners.

The following day, I went to the Guam Visitor's Bureau to pick up my race kit and meet up with Neme and Tessie's family. Before lining up to pick up your packet you have to check your name on the list and check your race number. I was surprised to find out there were a lot of Japanese runners that joined the race. More than half in my division were Japanese women.

I said goodbye to my host family and went home with Rhea's family. I stayed at her home so we can go  together the next morning. We had a light snack at CPK and then went to church. I prayed to God to run with me since I know that my training was not enough. I also prayed for a good weather.

Then we went home and had slept early.


I set my alarm at 2:05 am. I woke up and changed on my attire and prepared my energy gels. We left the house at 3:30am. The house was a short drive to the venue. When we arrived we drop off our bags at the bag drop then proceeded to the starting point for the warm up. There were only a few runners that joined the marathon category. The mayor made a speech before gun start wishing us all for a good race.

Rhea's teammates

With Tessie at the Warm up

He honked the horn at exactly 4am. So off we go! The road was a slight incline at the start of the race. My only motivation was the barefoot runner in front of me. Her pace was quite fast so I decided to just stay behind her. The water stops were 2 miles from each other. Good thing David was there giving out water bottles. 

The first 10.5km of the race was fast since it was still dark and the wind was very powerful. I managed to finish it at 59 mins and 55 secs. My legs got warmed up and I was able to overtake the barefoot runner at KM13. Then decided to follow the Japanese woman. Her pace was a lot faster! We took a left towards the Naval Base. It was beside the ocean. You can see the huge waves. Neme was able to overtake me on KM 16. He was fast! I tried to keep up but was afraid I might lose all my energy. I was able to overtake the Jap woman on KM 19. My goal was to finish 21.1km by 2:05 and I was happy when I crossed the turning point at 2 hrs 2 mins 32 secs. Around 25km ( 2 hrs 26 mins 28 secs) my calves started to get tired. I noticed Rhea's friend and paced beside him till km 32. Crossed the 30k mark at 3 hrs! It was a definite PR! I was hoping to finish between 4:20-4:25. But then my stomach started to feel bad around the 32k mark. I was looking for the next water station because I knew there was a public toilet for the runners. I made a CR break. I felt bad so a many minutes wasted. My body was getting more tired since the sun was up already. I made another break in between the last 8kms. I knew by then I could not cross even 4:30. I did 1km jog/1 min walk from km36. By 4 hours I ran 38kms. I kept telling myself I can do this! Good thing there were volunteers that would cheer up the runners on the side of the road. 
Finisher sign

On the last 2km sign. My legs suddenly felt a little alive! I just followed the pace of the person ahead of me. Then I was a major crowd and I knew I was a Km away from the finish line. I dashed to the finish line with a time of 4 hours 33 minutes and 12 seconds! Good job and an amazing finish time! I walked to the end to get my medal. 
My finish time

When I crossed the finish line

Guam Finisher Medal 

 My rank:

108th finisher of 484 runners (22%)
27th female finisher of 164 runners (16%)
12th finisher out of 46 runners age division 

Thank you LORD for running with me. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Past Races:


* In blue font if I won.
  1. July 26, 2009: Metro Sports 5k (40 mins)
  2. August 16,2009: Rock and Run 1 5k (32 mins)
  3. October 4, 2009: October Pink 5k  (30 mins)
  4. October 12, 2009: Run to the Max 2 6k (40 mins)
  5. December 27, 2009: Ateneo Sesqui Blue Run 16k (1 hr 50 mins)
  6. January 10, 2010: Cebu City Marathon 21k (2 hrs 25 mins 47 secs) First Half Marathon
  7. February 14, 2010: Run with a Smile 10k (58 mins)
  8. March 7, 2010: Quota Int'l 6k (35 mins)
  9. March 21, 2010: CitiRun 12k (1 hr 13 mins)
  10. April 2010: PIA Run 10k (1 hr 14 secs)
  11. May 2, 2010: Mandaue City Run 5k (24 mins)
  12. May 16, 2010: Rundaue 10k (1 hr 10 mins)
  13. May 29, 2010: Adidas Sundown Singapore 10k (1 hr 2 mins 40 secs)
  14. June 27, 2010: Planet Sports Run 10k (59 mins 15 secs)
  15. July 4, 2010: Fitness First Run 12k (1 hr 10 mins 21 secs)
  16. July 18, 2010: CDU Dental Run 5k ( 26 mins 50 secs)-PR for 5k!
  17. July 25, 2010: Ayala Run for Kids 15k ( 1 hr 34 mins)
  18. August 8, 2010: Run for the Footure 10k ( 57 mins 04 secs)
  19. August 15, 2010: Cdu University Run 10k ( 59 mins 40 secs)
  20. August 22, 2010: Aboitiz Race to Reduce 10k (58 mins 35 secs)
  21. Sept. 5, 2010: Milo Marathon 21k (2 hrs 18 mins 48 secs) 2ND Half Marathon
  22. Sept. 19, 2010: Glamour run 10k (1 hr 1 min 42 secs)
  23. October 10, 2010: Run to the Max 3 16k (1 hr 50 mins)
  24. October 31,2010: Citigym Halloween Run 21k (2hrs 2mins 24secs) 3RD Half Marathon 
  25. November 20, 2010: Run United2 21k (2 hrs 6 mins 24 secs) 4TH Half Marathon 
  26. Dec.5, 2010: SCMS 2010 21k (2 hrs 22 mins 09 secs) 5TH Half Marathon
  27. Feb. 13, 2011: SM2SM 21k (2 hrs 20 mins 52 secs) 6TH Half Marathon
  28. March 6, 2011: Fire Run 15k (1hr 29 mins 29 secs)
  29. March 13, 2011: Derek Run 5k (28 mins 04 secs)
  30. March 27, 2011: CitiRun 21k (2 hrs 7 mins 36 secs) 7TH Half Marathon
  31. April 3, 2011: Chase Run 15k (1 hr 38 mins 23 secs)
  32. April 17, 2011: Great Lapu Lapu Run 21k ( 2hrs 27 mins33 secs) 8TH Half Marathon
  33. May 15, 2011: Parklane Run 15k(1 hr 37 mins 05 secs)
  34. May 29, 2011 Sundown Marathon 42k (5 hrs 12 mins 46 secs) FIRST FULL MARATHON
  35. July 24, 2011- Y101 Armscor Run 10.1K ( 1 hr 1 min)
  36. July 31, 2011: Milo Marathon Manila 21k (2 hrs 18 mins 05 secs) 9TH Half Marathon
  37. August 14, 2011: Aboitiz Race to Reduce 21k (2 hrs 13 mins 39 secs) 10TH Half Marathon 
  38. August 21, 2011: CDU University Run 21k (2 hrs 12 mins 38 secs) 11TH Half Marathon
  39. September 18, 2011- Dagan sa Kabataan 15k (1 hr 43 mins 14 secs)
  40. October 2, 2011- Milo Marathon Cebu 21k (2 hrs 29 mins 59 secs) 12th Half Marathon
  41. December 18, 2011- Run United 3 Cebu 21k (2 hrs 12 mins) 13th Half Marathon
  42. January 8, 2012- Cebu City Marathon 2012 42k (4 hrs 54 mins 52 secs) 2ND FULL MARATHON
  43. February 5, 2012- Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 42k (4 hrs 44 mins 18 secs)  3RD FULL MARATHON
  44. Feb 12, 2012- SM2SM Half Marathon 21k (2 hrs 18 mins) 14th Half Marathon
  45. March 10, 2012- 1st All Women Ultramarathon 50K (6 hrs 58 mins 14 secs) 1st Ultramarathon
  46. April 1, 2012- National Age Group Triathlon 1kswim-30kmbike-7.5kmrun- 1st Triathlon
  47. April 17, 2012- Run for Bebe 21k (2 hrs 3 mins 30 secs) 15th Half Marathon
  48. June 17, 2012Tabuelan Triathlon 21km (1 hr 54 mins 04 secs)- 16th Half Marathon 
  49. June 24, 2012- Hunat sa Sugbo 2 21km (1 hr 58 mins 42 secs)- 17th Half Marathon 
  50. July 8, 2012- New Balance Run 10km (53 mins 42 secs)- PR for 10K!
  51. July 22, 2012- Sonshine Radio 21k (1 hr 56 mins 57 secs)- PR for 21k!- 18th Half Marathon 
  52. August 5, 2012- Ironman 70.3 21km (2 hrs 03 mins)- 19th Half Marathon
  53. August 26, 2012- Armscor 2 10k (55 mins 08 secs)
  54. September 2, 2012- VCMC Run 12k (1 hr 6 mins )- PR for 12k!
  55. September 9, 2012- 1st race for faith 14k (1 hrs 18 mins)
  56. September 16, 2012- Philsan Run 15k (1 hr 28 mins)- PR for 15k!
  57. September 29, 2012- Maternity Run 10k (56 mins 41 secs)
  58. October 7, 2012- Milo Marathon 21k (2 hrs 1min 43 secs)- 20th Half Marathon
  59. November 18, 2012- Gold Rush 16k ( 1hr 41 mins 29 mins)
  60. November 25, 2012- Silk Air 10k (56 mins 38 mins)
  61. December 9, 2012- Run for Justice 16k (1 hr 33 mins 54 secs)
  62. December 16, 2012- Humanity Run 16k (1 hr 30 mins)- PR for 16k!
  63. February 3,2013- Condura HalfMarathon ( 2 hrs 5 mins 39 secs)-21st Half Marathon 
  64. February 17, 2013- Philhealth run 18k ( 1 hr 46 mins) 
  65. February 24, 2013- SM2Sm 3 21k (2 hrs 5 mins)- 22nd Half Marathon
  66. April 7, 2013- Guam International Marathon (4 hours 33 mins 12 secs)- 4th FULL MARATHON - PR for 42K

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weekend Getaway @ Misibis Bay

Last August 18- 21, 2012, My friend Pia and I travelled from Cebu via Cebu Pacific to Legaspi to spend our long weekend (3 days/2 nights) at Misibis Bay Resort in Cagraray, Albay. We arrived around 2:20pm was picked up thru airport transfer. Misibis Bay was an hour away from the airport.

When we arrived we were greeted by tribal dancers dancing in front of their fountain and welcome drinks! After checking in, the girl from the front desk guided us towards our Junior Suite Premiere Villa. I could say our room Villa #19 had the best view of the beach! The whole km stretch was visible outside our veranda. We got an amazing deal for the room because of Pia. We only paid 6k/pax for 2 nights and the original value of the room was 32.5k per night!
Our View
The lagoon

During our 3 day stay, we availed all the services on Pia's birthday which was on the 2nd day. We started by having an early breakfast  then proceeded to the beach to use all the non motorized activities. The first one was the kayak, then hobbiecat sail wherein the guide really brought us to the pacific ocean! Such a fun experience. Then I tried wind surfing. It was hard to balance because it was heavy. Lastly was the paddle surf, which was hard too. Fell a few times. 

After doing the fun activities at the beach, we decided to do the eco park tour and zipline. The guide was very helpful. Then we attended the Sunday mass and room service for lunch. We decided to rest afterwards and just watch tv. Around 4pm, we decided to call recreation about the segway rent. We found out they are the only resort in the Philippines to offer segway to their guests. So we decided to give it a try. The rental was pricy. But we got a good deal. 15 mins for 1220 for the both of us! I think mentioning to them that it was my friend's birthday worked! The guide toured us around the resort via segway!

Upon dinner time, we dressed up and headed to the restaurant. We sat near the band. The day just got better, we were just planning to eat ala carte bec. their dinner buffet was expensive. The head waiter offered to give us 50% off the dinner buffet since it was our last night! I told him it was my friend's bday so he told the kitchen to give Pia free cake! Since we got a good deal for dinner, we ordered their famous cocktail (Buko lychee Martini). 

My positive comments for the resort was their impeccable customer service! I can't recall experiencing such here in Cebu. Their pillows were sleep induced. First time to hear the term. Totally gives you a good night sleep. Their toiletries were Salvatorre Ferregamo! Other than the free breakfast, they included snacks. Airport or City transfers included. 

My negative comments were the food choices in their restaurant were not that many. Food was not that out of this world if you think of the price you have to pay. Ala carte menu was super expensive esp. after the 12% vat!

I could say that the experience I had was totally worth more than I paid more!!! I only paid 8400 for the 3 days n 2 nights stay and the original cost of the room plus other savings was 34,000!!! I only shelled out 24% of the bill! :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Last December 2011, I had been tagged in the most awaited 1st Ever All-Women Ultra-Marathon in the World in Facebook. I, together with my running friends were very excited for this event which was going to happen in 3 months. 

As the event drew nearer, the organizers made it clear to the registered runners that safety was their utmost priority since the run will start at night. Spoilers of the volunteered running club support stations were also published. 

with my fellow  ttb babes
 On March 8, 2012, All the registered runners together with the organizers, support groups and race marshalls met at the Ayala Active Zone for the race pack collection and race briefing. Mr. Joel Garganera and Doc Willie Estepa led the briefing. They talked about the race route and prizes in store for the winners. They also showed us the much awaited finisher medal that we will receive upon crossing the finish line! I was happy that they also provided carbo loading for the participants since the race briefing started at 7pm. 

Last March 10, 2012, I was both feeling nervous and excited for my 1st Ultramarathon! I tried to sleep during the afternoon but only for 2 hours.  Then I chose my outfit for the run and prepared my things in my bag. I even bought a headlamp when I went to HongKong just for this event. 

I decided to go to Ayala 2 hours before the event because I knew there was going to be a mass for all the runners. I was overwhelmed when I saw all the participants in their running gear. Then I said to myself " This is it! No turning back now!" 
Tess, Glen,Susan,Me and Marivic 

We had our pictures taken before the start of the run. On the left, I had a picture together with the Elite Female Runners of Cebu. Mrs. Tessie Escacinas (3rd Place), Mrs. Glen Pontanar (9th Place), Mrs. Susan Militante(19th place) and Mrs. Marivic Yu (20th place)

with Gabby and Marivic

with the Duen Aliens Elites
10 seconds before gunstart, all of the ladies pose for a picture and then started the countdown to no.1.
Then off we go!!! I paced with my friend Marivic maintaining our 8-9kph speed. Its so nice to see strangers on the side cheering for us. Everything went smoothly up until I tried to speed up my pace when I reached Mandaue which was a bad move. I guess it was hearing Doc Willie's voice telling me I was no.19th. hehe. All the support running clubs I passed though were really helpful. They offered just about anything to us! 

That crazy move made a toll on me when I reached KM30 when I felt my legs getting tired already. So many aches and pains even in my upper back. I looked at the checklist and found out I was no. 21. But at that moment my rank and my finish time did not matter anymore. All I wanted to do was cross the FINISH LINE.  When I left kM30 station I started walking more than I was running. I walked the uphill part of the bridges which we climbed 4 times.  I could never forget the support of the remaining support stations after that. Its so nice to see them from afar cheering for you and just treating you like a PRINCESS when you reached their aid station. 

The remaining 10Kms was more of a challenge for me. I think it was the fact that I was running without music! Which was something new especially on such a long distance run. So anything was just rushing though my brain. I sang the Abc's, counted up to 200 and upon reaching the streets of Barangay Mactan I was counting the lamp posts of streets just to push myself to run a little further. It was quite scary because I could not see any runner in front of me and even in my back. 

with Arlene Yu
When my watched beeped at KM50 the beach resort was nowhere to be found. Then I heard somebody say 1.5KMs to go pa! As in? That was probably the longest excess kms in my life! On the last 100 meters, Arlene surpassed me and we took pictures after crossing the finish line.  
Crossing the finish line!

I crossed the finish line in 6 hrs 58 mins 12 secs!!! 30th finisher to cross the finish line among 181 registered runners!!! Not bad for my first Ultramarathon Experience!!!

Thank you so much to the Organizers, Volunteer Running Clubs Support Stations and Volunteer Race Marshalls! You indeed made this experience for all of us an unforgettable one! 
Congrats to all the finishers!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

12 Months of Marathons List

  1. JANUARY- Cebu City Marathon 2012 
  2. FEBRUARY- Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2012
  3. MARCH- Seoul International Marathon 2014
  4. APRIL-  Guam International Marathon 2013
  5. MAY- Sundown Marathon Singapore 2011
  6. JUNE-" Phuket International Marathon", "Perth Marathon", "Standard Chartered KL Marathon"
  7. JULY- "San Francisco Marathon", "Rio Marathon"
  8. AUGUST- "Brisbane Marathon"
  9. SEPTEMBER- "Berlin Marathon", "Sydney Marathon", 
  10. OCTOBER-" Atlantic City Marathon", "Frankfurt Marathon", "Amsterdam Marathon" Venice Marathon
  11. NOVEMBER-"Athens Marathon", "New York Marathon", 
  12. DECEMBER-"California Marathon", "Honululu Marathon", "Rome Marathon"," Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Standard Chartered Marathon- Hong Kong

Last October 2011, I registered for my 2nd International Marathon. The Standard Chartered Marathon in Hong Kong. From the moment I registered for the race I knew it was going to be a tough one! The runners will be running on the 4th longest bridge in the world known as the Stonecutters bridge.

Stonecutters bridge
 By November 2011, I decided to take my training seriously and hired a coach. Coach Philip. When he evaluated me, I didn't realize there were so many weak points I needed to change in my running style. I trained 2-3x a week since then and ran my peak run by joining CCM Full marathon. I felt a little confident since my time improved.

We left Cebu for HK Feb 2 (10pm). Andrea and I picked up our race packs at Victoria Peak at Causeway bay wherein we will finish the race. Hong Kong weather was very cold 13-16 degrees.


We woke up 5:45am on race day since I needed to drop off my race bag at the baggage area a few meters from the starting line at Mira Hotel at Nathan Road on Tsim Tsa Tsui. When we walked going to the starting line we saw a lot of runners! Some familiar faces from Cebu like Team Boyek, John Ong Corrine Nillas, Coach Banzon, Gianluca, Jung,  Sheila Colmenares and Arlene Yu. Andrea joined the Half Marathon Category.

Fifteen minutes before gun start I saw actor Edison Chen from China. He also joined the race. He's so handsome! I, proceeded to the walk towards the starting line because I want to be near the front. The Emcee started to countdown and all the runners started to cheer.

The weather was a mixture of cold and hot so I kept on rolling up my sleeves and taking off my gloves from time to time. We ran through the first bridge "Stonecutters Bridge" which felt like forever especially the uphill part. Afterwards 2 more bridges Tsing Ma and Tsing Yi bridge. We also passed by 3 tunnels. One of which was quite long that it felt like forever running inside. But fun at the same time since some runners were cheering. We also passed by flyovers. The race overall was very well organized. Enough hydration and food. So many volunteers cheering for you and giving you support! 

HK Finisher Medal

When I crossed the 4 hr mark I knew it was a surefire new PR because there was only 5kms left to the finish line so I took it easy by walking 1 min every 1km left.  I cross the finish line at 4 hrs 44 mins and 18 secs! After crossing the finish line, I received my finisher medal. 


1232 out of 4501 runners (Full Marathon 1 category)
111th runner out of 510 female runners under my category
2nd filipina to cross the finish line! :) 

Thursday, June 2, 2011



Last November 14, 2010, I registered for the Full Marathon at the Sundown Marathon website. This would be my official first full marathon. I started training for this run last February when I felt my legs were fully healed. I used the Smartcoach program to guide me with my training. I am grateful to my friends for running with me during my scheduled long runs. Joining fun runs helped a lot too.

On the big day...

    I decided to rest during the afternoon and took a short nap so that I won't feel sleepy during my marathon. I drank Starbucks doulbe espresso 2 hrs before the run too. Took a taxi and left the hotel by 8pm. When I arrived at the Changi Exhibition Centre there was a traffic jam. So I decided to get off the taxi and walk to the starting point. I was surprised that it was such a long walk- 2.5km! 

   I, then went to the baggage area to leave my bag and then had last min. stop at the toilet and also asked for a glow in the dark sticks. 


    The MC called our attention and let the elites (SUB4) go first near the starting point followed by the desired finish time of your choice. He mentioned that there are more than 10 countries that joined the race and around 11,000 runners registered for the run. I was surprised that Philippines ranked 3rd with 850 runners. 


   The gun start! Off they go the elites! Then after a min and 23 secs, off I go! I decided to follow 6.3-6.5/km on the first half. Took my first energy gel on the 8thkm. Running the first half felt like running in slow motion. On the 12km, We went inside the East Coast Park and the 2 lanes turned into 1. On a bad note, I didn't notice that my GU gels fell off my race no. belt. I had only one left and decided to take it after the U-turn point. I also had heart palpitations between 11-12km. I got worried and walked to tame my overbeating heart. The weather didn't help too since it was super humid. 


  I felt relieved after the U-turn point, although it was still a long way to go. I experienced again heart palpitations on the 22km. The weather became a little cooler and I decided to stop and stretch every 2km. I noticed that my body was chaffing when it would sting if i pour water over my neck. back and arms. It made the second half a little harder. I was happy to see that I was bit faster though during the marathon than my last LSD. Experienced another HP on the 33km as if it was scheduled (every 11kms). The clock was still 4 hrs when I reached 34km. 

 But my shins started to feel pain on the 36km so had to walk a lot. Good thing the volunteers and muscle pain ointments. Thirty minutes after 4 hrs 33mins I reached the 38km and decided to walk the next 2km since most of the runners beside me were walking too. I knew that a 5hr finish was impossible already. 

 5hrs on the clock, I reached 40km. I badly wanted to pee good thing there was a portable toilet! It totally saved me since my legs can't sprint to the finish line anymore. I decided to run the next km. and Run/Walk the last kilometer for a strong finish to the finish line!


 I was so happy when I crossed the finish line that I stood there for a while. I still can't believe I ran 42.2km. I,then, walked to the area where they were giving out our Finisher Shirt and Finisher Medal. I can't help but smile when the gave it to me.

Finisher shirt and medal