Sunday, March 11, 2012


Last December 2011, I had been tagged in the most awaited 1st Ever All-Women Ultra-Marathon in the World in Facebook. I, together with my running friends were very excited for this event which was going to happen in 3 months. 

As the event drew nearer, the organizers made it clear to the registered runners that safety was their utmost priority since the run will start at night. Spoilers of the volunteered running club support stations were also published. 

with my fellow  ttb babes
 On March 8, 2012, All the registered runners together with the organizers, support groups and race marshalls met at the Ayala Active Zone for the race pack collection and race briefing. Mr. Joel Garganera and Doc Willie Estepa led the briefing. They talked about the race route and prizes in store for the winners. They also showed us the much awaited finisher medal that we will receive upon crossing the finish line! I was happy that they also provided carbo loading for the participants since the race briefing started at 7pm. 

Last March 10, 2012, I was both feeling nervous and excited for my 1st Ultramarathon! I tried to sleep during the afternoon but only for 2 hours.  Then I chose my outfit for the run and prepared my things in my bag. I even bought a headlamp when I went to HongKong just for this event. 

I decided to go to Ayala 2 hours before the event because I knew there was going to be a mass for all the runners. I was overwhelmed when I saw all the participants in their running gear. Then I said to myself " This is it! No turning back now!" 
Tess, Glen,Susan,Me and Marivic 

We had our pictures taken before the start of the run. On the left, I had a picture together with the Elite Female Runners of Cebu. Mrs. Tessie Escacinas (3rd Place), Mrs. Glen Pontanar (9th Place), Mrs. Susan Militante(19th place) and Mrs. Marivic Yu (20th place)

with Gabby and Marivic

with the Duen Aliens Elites
10 seconds before gunstart, all of the ladies pose for a picture and then started the countdown to no.1.
Then off we go!!! I paced with my friend Marivic maintaining our 8-9kph speed. Its so nice to see strangers on the side cheering for us. Everything went smoothly up until I tried to speed up my pace when I reached Mandaue which was a bad move. I guess it was hearing Doc Willie's voice telling me I was no.19th. hehe. All the support running clubs I passed though were really helpful. They offered just about anything to us! 

That crazy move made a toll on me when I reached KM30 when I felt my legs getting tired already. So many aches and pains even in my upper back. I looked at the checklist and found out I was no. 21. But at that moment my rank and my finish time did not matter anymore. All I wanted to do was cross the FINISH LINE.  When I left kM30 station I started walking more than I was running. I walked the uphill part of the bridges which we climbed 4 times.  I could never forget the support of the remaining support stations after that. Its so nice to see them from afar cheering for you and just treating you like a PRINCESS when you reached their aid station. 

The remaining 10Kms was more of a challenge for me. I think it was the fact that I was running without music! Which was something new especially on such a long distance run. So anything was just rushing though my brain. I sang the Abc's, counted up to 200 and upon reaching the streets of Barangay Mactan I was counting the lamp posts of streets just to push myself to run a little further. It was quite scary because I could not see any runner in front of me and even in my back. 

with Arlene Yu
When my watched beeped at KM50 the beach resort was nowhere to be found. Then I heard somebody say 1.5KMs to go pa! As in? That was probably the longest excess kms in my life! On the last 100 meters, Arlene surpassed me and we took pictures after crossing the finish line.  
Crossing the finish line!

I crossed the finish line in 6 hrs 58 mins 12 secs!!! 30th finisher to cross the finish line among 181 registered runners!!! Not bad for my first Ultramarathon Experience!!!

Thank you so much to the Organizers, Volunteer Running Clubs Support Stations and Volunteer Race Marshalls! You indeed made this experience for all of us an unforgettable one! 
Congrats to all the finishers!!!


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